Egg diet

The Egg Diet is a meal plan that includes eggs as the main (but not the only! ) component. As a rule, this diet includes a large amount of protein foods and low-carbohydrate foods, which stimulate the body to break down fats for energy. The popularity of the diet is due to its effectiveness and availability, as well as the absence of serious negative health consequences.

Egg diet for weight loss

There are several options for this meal plan. Some are created by nutritionists, balanced and designed for a long time, for example, the 4-week egg diet from Osama Hamdi, while others are limited to a few days and include a minimum number of products.

Basic rules

Like all others, the egg diet involves several rules:

  • Consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination, otherwise the result may be the manifestation of hidden diseases, such as kidney stones.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself.
  • A person who is losing weight cannot do without physical activity - it accelerates the process of losing weight, keeps you away from food and raises your mood.
  • Limit salt, it binds water, so the plum line will not be as impressive.
  • Drink plenty of plain water and take vitamin supplements.
  • It is believed that in order to maintain a beautiful figure, you need to eat dinner 4 hours before going to bed, although not all experts agree with this. However, if you cannot sleep due to hunger, drink kefir or eat vegetables, because lack of sleep leads to overeating - this is a proven fact.
  • Try boiling an egg in the morning - this will ensure satiety at least until lunch.
  • The fastest way to lose weight is the egg white diet. However, a carbohydrate-free diet is a direct path to ketoacidosis, when acetone is produced in the body due to the breakdown of fats and causes irritation of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system. Do not exclude healthy carbohydrates; Get them from fruits and whole grains.

Egg-orange diet

The diet is extreme and lasts no more than five days. You get the minimum necessary proteins from eggs, and fiber and vitamin C from fruits. Drinking kefir in the evening will relieve your hunger and help you sleep, as well as partially replenish your calcium supply.

This egg diet has a simple menu:

  • Variation 1 - one boiled egg and 2 oranges in the morning, 2 eggs and one orange for lunch, an orange and a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir in the evening.
  • Variation 2 - Take six oranges and eat the same number of eggs, one every hour.

Osama Hamdi's diet

Endocrinologist Osama Hamdi proposed a diet that reduces weight due to normal biochemical reactions of the body and does not depend on calorie content. This 4 week egg diet is also known as Maggi, named after the famous Margaret Thatcher.

Features of the egg diet

General instructions:

  • If the portion weight is not exactly specified, eat until you are full;
  • Such an egg diet for 4 weeks does not involve personal changes - replacing with similar dishes or removing unwanted foods;
  • After a break in the diet, you should start it again;
  • The first seven days can be repeated and then we move on to the plan for the fourth week;
  • If you are obsessively hungry, eat carrots, cucumbers or tomatoes (one or the other) a few hours after the previous meal;
  • Cook vegetables without oil;
  • Tea and coffee are acceptable if you do not suffer from high blood pressure;
  • "Fast" carbohydrates (sugar, sweet fruits and potatoes) should be avoided, but the author allows the use of artificial sweeteners;
  • Alcohol is prohibited.

Such a protein egg diet plan, intended for 4 weeks, is shown in the table.


The first week second week Third week Fourth week
daily breakfast Grapefruit/orange and 1-2 boiled eggs Any product allowed on this day without quantity restrictions Prescribed daily food is distributed throughout the day, including breakfast
Dinner One of the types of sugar-free fruits 2 boiled eggs, green salad A type of fruit boiled/fried meat or chicken - 250 g; 3 tomatoes; 4 cucumbers; one rye toast; one orange/grapefruit; Tuna - standard canned low-fat or cooked food - 160-180 grams
Dinner Lean fried meat 2 boiled eggs, one orange/grapefruit


The first week second week Third week Fourth week
Dinner Chicken (boiled/stewed, skinless), tomato, one orange/grapefruit Fried meat, green salad Cooked vegetables and herbs boiled/fried meat - 200 g; 3 tomatoes; 4 cucumbers; one rye toast; One orange / grapefruit / apple
Dinner 2 boiled eggs, one rye toast, one orange/grapefruit, green salad 2 boiled eggs, one orange/grapefruit


The first week second week Third week Fourth week
Dinner Low-fat white cheese (cottage cheese), one wheat toast, tomato Fried meat, cucumber Fruits, cooked vegetables and herbs 1 tablespoon low-fat cheese/cottage cheese; 2 tomatoes; 2 cucumbers; One meal - boiled vegetables; one rye toast; one orange/grapefruit; Tuna - standard canned low-fat or cooked food - 160-180 grams
Dinner Fried meat without fat 2 boiled eggs, boiled vegetables


The first week second week Third week Fourth week
Dinner A type of fruit 2 boiled eggs, low-fat white cheese, boiled vegetables Fish and seafood, herbs boiled/fried chicken - 250 g; 3 tomatoes; 4 cucumbers; one rye toast; One orange / grapefruit / apple
Dinner Fried meat, green salad 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, boiled vegetables


The first week second week Third week Fourth week
Dinner 2 boiled eggs, boiled vegetables Fish/shrimp (boiled, stewed) Grilled meat or kritsa, boiled vegetables boiled/fried chicken - 250 g; 3 tomatoes; 4 cucumbers; 2 boiled eggs; One orange / grapefruit / lettuce
Dinner Fish (boiled or stewed), green salad, one orange/grapefruit 2 boiled eggs, boiled vegetables


The first week second week Third week Fourth week
Dinner A type of fruit Grilled meat, tomato, one orange/grapefruit A type of fruit boiled chicken breast - 2 pieces; 2 tablespoons of low-fat cheese / cottage cheese; 2 tomatoes; 2 cucumbers; one rye toast; one orange/grapefruit; one yogurt
Dinner Fried meat, green salad A type of fruit


The first week second week Third week Fourth week
Dinner Chicken, cooked vegetables, tomatoes, one orange/grapefruit Chicken, cooked vegetables, tomatoes, one orange/grapefruit A type of fruit Tuna - a standard canned can without fat or boiled - 160-180 grams; 1 spoon of low-fat cheese / cottage cheese; one rye toast; 2 tomatoes; One meal - boiled vegetables; One orange/grapefruit
Dinner boiled vegetables Chicken, tomato, one orange/grapefruit

Egg diet menu

Egg diet menu

The egg diet menu varies depending on the duration.

for 3 days

The daily diet is based on eggs, citrus fruits, vegetables and meat:

  • in the morning - orange/grapefruit and two eggs;
  • lunch - a portion of fresh or boiled vegetables, 2 eggs;
  • Evening - a portion of lean meat or chicken (boiled, stewed), a portion of vegetables, orange/grapefruit.

A portion is defined as the volume that fits a handful (of vegetables) or a piece of meat the size and thickness of the palm of the hand.

for 5 days

The low-carb egg diet consists of basically the same foods for 5 days. All three meals consist of a protein component (eggs, fish, meat) and fiber (vegetables, fruits).

An example of the menu is shown in the table:

Today Breakfast Dinner Dinner
1 Two eggs (boiled or scrambled), orange/grapefruit, herbal or green tea Boiled chicken breast - 150 g, greens, orange/grapefruit Two eggs, fresh vegetables (except potatoes)
2 Boiled fish - 200 g, greens, apples
3 Lean beef (boiled/fried) – 150 g, fresh vegetable salad
4 Boiled shrimps - 200 g, cabbage and greens salad, grapefruit
5 Baked turkey - 150 g, fresh vegetables, apple

Meals can be added to kefir - up to two glasses per day.

for 7 days

A low-carb egg diet for a week can be a continuation of the previous diet; The daily menu includes:

  • 3 to 4 eggs;
  • meat without fat or poultry without skin - up to 200 g;
  • fruit - orange / grapefruit / apple;
  • vegetables - cabbage, carrot, cucumber, tomato and greens;
  • low-fat kefir - up to 2 cups or cottage cheese - 100 g;
  • Water and green tea - 2 l.

A slightly more balanced 7 day egg diet includes more carbohydrates such as extra fruit or whole grain bread. The number of vegetables is not limited, but the norm is no more than five servings per day. You can season it with lemon juice, herbs and even red pepper – according to scientists, it stimulates the metabolism.

The 7 day egg diet can be based on the first week menu of the Osama Hamdi meal plan.

Fruit on an egg diet

for 2 weeks

The 2-week egg diet is long-term and should contain not only proteins and fibers, but also the necessary minimum of fats and carbohydrates.

The first week second week
daily breakfast Grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs, tea with a small spoonful of honey
Monday Dinner Tuna - 200 g, vegetable salad (except potatoes), a slice of whole grain bread Beef soup - 200 g, brown rice - 50 g and tomatoes (tomato paste)
Dinner An egg, a glass of low-fat kefir, 1-2 tomatoes or cucumbers Omelet 1 yolk and 2-3 white, stewed vegetables
Tuesday Dinner Chicken soup - 200 g of chicken breast, 1 small potato, 1 carrot and bell pepper Boiled chicken breast - 250 g, salad of cabbage and greens, a slice of rye bread
Dinner Omelet 1 egg yolk, 2-3 egg whites, skimmed milk, tomatoes 2 eggs, a glass of kefir
Wednesday Dinner Lean beef - 250 g, buckwheat porridge with water - 100 g, herbs Salmon soup - 200 g, and vegetables - potatoes, peppers, carrots
Dinner Low-fat cottage cheese or cheese - 100 g, egg Omelet, green peas
Thursday Dinner Fatty sea fish soup - 200 g and vegetables - 1 small potato, carrot Roast beef - 250 g, buckwheat porridge - 100 g, fresh cabbage and cucumber salad
Dinner Omelette, glass of kefir Low-fat cottage cheese with fruit - 150 gr
Friday Dinner Boiled beef - 200 g, steamed broccoli, 2 slices of whole grain bread 1 baked potato, low-fat cheese, tomato salad
Dinner 2 eggs, low-fat cottage cheese with fruit - 150 g. Fish - 250 grams, vegetable casserole with 1 egg
Saturday Dinner Steamed chicken cutlet - 250 g, fresh vegetable salad, green peas Chicken breast soup - 200 g, cabbage and carrots, 2 slices of whole grain bread
Dinner Low-fat cottage cheese - 100 g, 3-4 walnuts 2 eggs, low-fat cheese - 100 g, vegetables
Sunday Dinner Roast beef - 250 g, brown rice - 100 g, tomato and bell pepper salad Stewed beef - 250 g, greens, a slice of rye bread
Dinner Eggs, stewed vegetables Low-fat cottage cheese - 100 g, 3-4 walnuts

This egg diet is very effective for weight loss and to support it, you can have a glass of nutritious smoothie - soy milk, mixed berries, flax seeds.

Smoothies on the egg diet

for 4 weeks

The peculiarity of the egg diet menu for 4 weeks is its gradual change from proteins to low carbohydrates. Physical activity should start from the second week, because during the first week, as a result of ketosis, the body burns fat by itself.

The first week second week Third week Fourth week
Breakfast Drink 300 ml of cold water, eat 2 boiled eggs after 10-15 minutes. Drink 300 ml of cold water, after 15 minutes eat 2 eggs and one orange/grapefruit. Eat 30 g of nuts - walnuts or almonds once every 3 days
Dinner 150 g lean chicken or beef, fresh vegetables Add 2 slices of whole-grain bread or a cereal side dish cooked in water (buckwheat, brown rice) to the menu of the first week, -100 g.

Dress a vegetable salad with a healthy dressing of lemon juice, herbs, 2-3 tablespoons of plain yogurt and a quarter of an avocado.

Afternoon snack A glass of kefir, 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese or cheese You can add a handful of berries, flax seeds or muesli to kefir or cottage cheese, and eat an apple after cheese.
Dinner boiled egg, 200 g of baked or boiled fish, greens The dinner menu is the same, at night you can drink a glass of kefir

Refusal to diet

About 90% of those who lose weight on a no-carb eating plan will regain the weight they lost within a year. Often the hardest part of dieting comes after stopping the diet, as most people relax, lose motivation and go back to old habits.

The key to long-term weight control is lifestyle changes that include smart eating and regular, not sporadic, physical activity.

Exiting the diet:

  1. One day before the end of the diet, calculate how many calories are needed to maintain the body weight, taking into account all the loads and the changed weight.
  2. Use the calculations to develop a healthy and nutritious meal plan that will help you maintain your weight.
  3. Use a post-diet period of 3-4 weeks to gradually adjust your calorie intake and portion sizes to your "ideal" plan.

Pros and cons

A diet based on chicken eggs has three main advantages - balance (except for the mono diet), reduced hunger and the ability to maintain muscle mass. A fourth advantage is that eggs are considered a safe food in terms of heavy metal and chemical contamination, unlike fish or milk.

Advantages and disadvantages of the egg diet

Eggs are a source of valuable nutrients such as vitamins D, E, K and B group, choline, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin). Protein makes up 12. 6% of the product, while fats and carbohydrates are only 0. 3% and 0. 7%, respectively. Besides, eggs are cheap, easily available and loved by most people.

They used to be thought to raise cholesterol levels, but most current studies show that this increase is less than 10%. On the other hand, some scientists report a link between egg consumption and coronary heart disease, so the possibility of potential risk remains, especially for those who already have cardiovascular disorders.

Osama Hamdi's low-carb egg diet has one major drawback - following an exact plan, but the portion size is not limited in most cases. The disadvantage of other proposed diets is the need to count calories, which sometimes takes a lot of time and effort.


The egg diet is effective, but the specific results depend on the following factors:

  • initial weight;
  • strictness of compliance;
  • presence of sports activities and general activity;
  • Age and basal metabolism.

If your initial weight is high and all conditions are met, you can lose:

  • up to 20 kg in four weeks on the Osama Hamdiy diet;
  • 2-5 kg for eggs and oranges;
  • For the rest, up to a kilogram per day on average.


Egg is a strong allergen, so the main contraindication of the listed diet is related to the possible risk of hypersensitivity of the body to the product.

In addition, any protein diet, including the egg diet, has a number of restrictions for health reasons:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • kidney (especially stone formation) and liver diseases;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, especially related to increased stomach acidity;
  • Increased cholesterol in the blood.

Eggs are surrounded by a halo of conflicting opinions about the relationship between their benefits and harms. Some health experts don't consider them a healthy food, but others recommend eating a few pieces daily to get your fill of protein, vitamins and minerals. In any case, they are popular among those who want to lose weight due to their availability, usefulness and ability to effectively reduce hunger.