Experience of use Bentolit

Katerina, City of Wales.

How to lose weight using a bentolite drink with bentonite clay - before and after use

Welcome everyone. Today I decided to tell my story about how I gained 105 kg, how I could lose the extra pounds that helped me lose weight and most importantly, what positive aspects of life I was exposed to afterwards!

Experience how I gained 60 kg a year

I have been overweight since birth. The older I got, the more I gained weight. When I graduated from university, I weighed at least 105 kg. I forced myself to do fitness, but even the most tiring workouts still did not bring positive results.

I think every similar girl will agree with my problem. Excess weight makes life much more difficult for both personal and professional life. At first I realized that being overweight is the reason why half of men are only friends with me. When I started working and starting my career, I noticed that even those who are thinner and therefore more beautiful were promoted to the best of their ability.

And only after that I was seriously thinking about my weight and I was determined to find the means and methods that I could save from the extra pounds. First, I consulted a nutritionist.

Bentolite Slimming Drink - What It Is, How To Use It

The nutritionist turned out to be an experienced doctor, he studied my history and test results. I recommend continuing to exercise for a general tone. He scheduled a meeting with Bentolite. He told me what it was.

Experience in using BENTOLIT slimming drink with bentonite clay

As I learned from the doctor's words and then I read the information on the internet myself, bentolite is a fast-slimming drink based on bentonite clay. At first, of course, I was worried about the fact that I would have to drink clay, but in reality everything turned out much better and more enjoyable.

This weight loss product is sold as a powder that should be made, for example, instant coffee or cocoa. The drink is very easy to prepare - pour 200 ml of hot water with two tablespoons of powder (you can replace it with skim milk). Mix well with a spoon or shaker. The drink was also very tasty - it looks like a cappuccino with a cinnamon flavor.

On the doctor's recommendation, I drank this drink throughout the year on an individual course. For 30 days continuously every night before bed, after a week break, then again for 30 days. And so on in a circle all year round. After completing each month’s course, I visited a nutritionist. I started a magazine where I mentioned weight changes and health.

After using bentolite - My results and achievements

After the first and second months of taking bentolite, the weight was reduced by 30 kg. After 6 months - I was already 45 kg less in weight, and at the end of the annual course - minus 60 kg! At the same time, I ate as usual, went to the gym twice a week (one lesson for 40 minutes). I have never noticed any side effects or other adverse reactions while taking bentolite. I feel great - outwardly dead of that confession. During weight loss, it was the lyceum alumni evening where I was studying. Immediately no one recognized me and then everyone was shocked. They only talked about me all evening.

Two years ago, at a sports complex where I went to the gym, I met a man who is now my wife. At work he received the long-awaited promotion. That’s how my life changed for the better Bentolit slimming drink. I now use it on a weekly basis once a month to maintain a slim figure. I recommend!